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Shipping to foreign contries
ExtremeStyling.dk will ship items to any country in the world. All additional shipping costs will be paid by the customer.
As shipping costs in our shop is only valid for Denmark, please contact us for more information about shipping costs for your country.

Countries inside the EU
ExtremeStyling.dk ships to any country inside the EU. All items contains Danish VAT (25%). (VAT is included in all prices in our shop)
Please notice: Faroe Islands and Greenland is NOT charged Danish VAT (see below)

Countries outside the EU (Norway etc.)
ExtremeStyling.dk ships to any country outside the EU. All items shipped outside the EU will be charged without Danish taxes. (See price calculation below)
Faroe Islands and Greenland are not considered as a part of EU, when it comes to VAT.
Your local customs may charge local taxes / customs. Please contact your local customs for further information.

Warranty is valid in all countries, both inside and outside the EU. All shipping costs (from customer to ExtremeStyling.dk and vice versa) must be paid by the customer.

Very important notice
All items are shipped by the Danish Postal Service. When the items are shipped, you will receive an email, containing a Track & Trace code. Using this Track & Trace code, you can track your shipment on their way to you.
Please have in mind, the shipment is considered as delivered to you as soon as the shipment leaves Denmark.
If your local Postal Service, for some reason, returns the shipment to ExtremeStyling.dk we will ship the items back to you again, but the customer will be charged for this extra shipment.

If the shipment is delayed, please contact us immediately, we will then try to find a quick solution to the delay, before your local postal services returns the shipment to us.

Any doubts?
Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.
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Price calculator (removing Danish VAT)
Danish VAT is included in all prices shown at our website. To remove the Danish VAT, simply multiply the price by 0.8

500DKK (VAT 25% included)
500 * 0.8 = 400DKK without VAT
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